Richmond Dykes

One of our easiest rides, at least when it comes to elevation. This route is perfect for those who are new to gravel riding, as the whole trail is flat and wide, but also those who are just looking for a chill ride and want to escape the city.

Our route features both Richmond Dyke Trail and some other suburban trails around the city. We love what City of Richmond did for cyclists and that after entering the city you spend barely any time on a paved road. As you will ride alongside water for most of it, get ready for beautiful views of North Shore Mountains, as well as Gulf Islands, and if you get lucky you will see some animals too! Trail goes through historic shipyards area on Fraser River, farm lands and connects to Shell Road Trail which offer an amazing alternative to Shell Road (because being surrounded by trees and riding on gravel is so much better than riding on a road next to the cars).

Highlights: besides all the beautiful views and trail riding, we love to stop at bike-friendly Sanctuary Café at Steveston for some snacks and delicious beverages. When riding through Garden City Lands we recommend to check out their community farm and conservation area.

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